Hemp Oil – Why This Ingredient is Super Beneficial for Your Skin and How to Use it in Your Skincare Routine

If you’ve wondered why hemp oil is just about everywhere these days – you’re not alone. With a rise and inclusion of CBD and hemp ingredients in products within the beauty industry it could be overwhelming to figure out just what it is and how it pertains to skincare.

Let’s go over the basics of hemp oil and how to use it in a daily routine.

What is Hemp Oil?

Cannabis…hemp seed oil, what’s the difference?

Actually, hemp oil comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. When seeds are pressed (much like any other seed oil extraction), an unrefined oil is released and this is referred to as hemp seed oil. An easy way to think about the difference between hemp and marijuana, for example, is to consider that Cannabis is the name of the plant from which both are derived. The difference comes from the level of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol in a product – this is the compound that has psychoactive effects know as the ‘high’ commonly associated with marijuana.

Hemp oil and CBD oil are also slightly different. Though they come from the Cannabis plant, hemp seed oil is made up of many compounds including CBD, or cannabidiol. When CBD is isolated and extracted, it’s then used in various products but does not contain THC (though it can be formulated with it later on).

How Hemp Oil Benefits Skin

Just like essential oils and plant-based beauty products offer organic skin care ingredients and antioxidants to protect and fortify, hemp also packs a number of benefits. One of the most beneficial reasons behind using hemp seed oil in a skincare routine is its ultra-nourishing properties. As an emollient, hemp seed oil thoroughly hydrates and restores skin cells by moisturizing and locking that moisture in.

When premium skincare products combine hemp seed oil with other deeply hydrating ingredients – like coconut oil and vitamin-rich cranberry oil – formulas offer an intense amount of moisture to the skin without feeling heavy or sticky. Hemp Oil Body Lotion in calming or invigorating scents help replenish moisture levels in skin while also repairing and calming cells.

Hemp seed oil also helps skin through its:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • High level of antioxidants, such as vitamins and fatty acids
  • Potential antibacterial effects

Using Hemp Oil in a Skincare Routine

As with any other natural or plant-based beauty ingredient, it’s important to know what benefits and goals you’re looking for when choosing a product. If you need a deeply hydrating body lotion, you’ll want one that contains hemp and a number of rich butters and oils to really give your skin the dose of moisture it needs. Aside from it’s nourishing properties, hemp seed oil is also considered to be ‘dry’ meaning it absorbs quickly without leaving residue behind.

Apply Hemp Oil Body Lotion like you would with any other hydrating formula – it’s best used after showering to lock in moisture or massaged into the skin throughout the day to relieve dryness.