Elevate your self-care routine

Deep Steep brings high quality bath & beauty care products to your daily self care routine. Founded by Paul and Peggy Lieber, renowned formulators and contract manufacturers, Deep Steep’s products are formulated, produced, and packaged to the highest level of integrity from our state-of-the-art, FDA-registered manufacturing facility on Johns Island, South Carolina.
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No Parabens
No Phthalates
No Sulfates
No Gluten
No Petroleum
No Dyes

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Summer Skin Care

Keeping Skin Calm & Balanced In Hot Weather

Heat, humidity and exposure to a range of environmental aspects, like air conditioning, chlorine or saltwater, affect the skin in a variety of ways...

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The Beauty Of Self Care

Self Care. It’s a word frequently tossed around – but what does it actually refer to? The answer really depends on what you want it to mean.

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Hemp Oil Is All The Buzz. What's The Deal?

If you’ve wondered why hemp oil is just about everywhere these days – you’re not alone. With a rise and inclusion of  hemp-derived ingredients in products within the beauty industry it could be overwhelming... 

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